Beat the Car Seat Heat

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Are you ready for the Summer heat? We have a great article from Texas Mama Michelle Stevenson about keeping your child’s car seat cooler. Those seats are always so HOT and I feel so bad for those little one’s coming out of them all sweaty and red faced. Keep these tips in mind, especially if you don’t have air conditioning in your car!

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Beat the Car Seat Heat

The South Texas summer heat is upon us. It’s important that our kids stay cool when they are in their car seats. It’s really shocking how warm your car can get when it is hot outside. Car seats actually get hotter than the internal temperature of the car because they hold heat so well.

These tips will help your little ones from getting too hot and sweating in their seats.

1. A windshield sunshade will keep a lot of heat out of the vehicle. I know it takes extra time to put one up but once you are in the habit it is fast and helps so much. The bonus for me is that it keeps me cooler too and I don’t have to sit on hot seats in shorts. Ouch. Use one in the back if you have a sedan. Also, consider having your windows tinted.

2. Don’t overdress your kids for the car ride. Because car seats get so hot, it is best to dress them in light layers and have them sit in the seat in the lightest layer that is still comfortable. Think of how much cooler you are in a tank top versus a collared polo shirt and I’m sure your kiddos feel the same.

3. Park in the shade. This is simple but effective.

4. Throw a white towel over the car seat. This keeps the sun off the seat and the light color of the towel reflects the sun’s rays.

5. If you are in the market to buy a new car or new car seat, consider a lighter colored fabric/interior because dark colors will get hotter than lighter colors.

6. Consider yourself lucky if you have a vehicle with rear air vents. Just make sure you aim them at the kids and check the vents occasionally to see if they are still on target. Kids love to play with vents and buttons so they may need an occasional reposition. If you don’t have rear vents, aim your front air vents toward the ceiling. The cool air will bounce off the ceiling and back down toward the back seat.

7. Put ice packs in the car seat while you’re out running errands to keep the seat cool. This trick has made a huge difference for us. We went from sweaty to cool as a cucumber. I wrap my icepacks in paper towels (to absorb the condensation), put them in plastic zipper bags and then in a small soft side cooler directly in the seat. Or, if you don’t have a small soft side cooler, you can put a towel around them so that the car seat doesn’t get wet. To start off the ride cool, you can put them in the car seat before you leave the house. Bring a small cooler with you so that you can keep the ice packs cold while you are driving. Remember to NEVER leave an ice pack on the seat when it’s time to put your child in the seat as it will interfere with proper harness use. Also, never put ice directly on your little ones, it can actually burn fragile skin.

8. If your child is hot before they get in the car you can use a spray bottle with cool water and spritz them. As the water evaporates off their skin, they’ll cool down. This is a really good tip for helping them stay cool when they play outside too. I even keep a spray bottle in my stroller or bag for those hot days playing outside. I’ll oftentimes put a little cold water on us when we go back inside as well and it really helps to cool down faster.

easy to do once you get in a routine with it. We all want to beat the heat and these tips will hopefully get you on your way to keeping cool for lots of fun in the sun. Stay cool!